Raise your hand if you try to control everything in your life? I’m raising both hands; if I could raise my feet I would do that too. Lately, I have been trying to control all the things in my life, especially with my lack of a car (being repaired)  and unreliable cell phone while still trying to figure out what direction my life needs to go in. It seemed like all of my effort was back firing and I had no idea why. I am thankful for my roommate for being there because she has made life a lot easier with her wisdom and support.

I am a huge fan of listening to podcasts. I don’t know where else I would get my knowledge and life skills from if I didn’t listen to podcasts. My all time favorite podcast is the “Art of Charm” (AOC) hosted by Jordan Harbinger. One of the most recent episodes from AOC (link to episode below) is called “Becoming Friendly With Uncertainty.” Jordan Harbinger talks about how everyone wants to eliminate uncertainty; he couldn’t disagree more by stating, “not only is uncertainty a fundamental constant in life, it is one of the most helpful and productive environments in life. After years of studying this stuff, I am convinced that it is not uncertainty we need to move beyond, but, our aversion to uncertainty.”

Not only did Jordan shed some new light on what I needed to hear, but, it’s the reason why I am writing this blog post — we all need to hear and be reminded of this. Especially in 2017, the world is constantly moving and information is easily obtainable by just a click of a button. The knowledge that we have access to is limitless, but, this can also be a bad thing because of information overload.

Information overload can cause us to be in a stagnant state of mind or even worse. We can find ourselves looking for the perfect answer by listening to audio books or podcasts when in fact there is no answer to uncertainty. Life is going to happen as it always has from when we were kids to who we are now. The healthiest state of mind we can have is by welcoming uncertainty and seek the growth that comes from it.

A special thanks to Jordan Harbinger and everyone at the Art of Charm!

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Link to The Art of Charm episode 630

AoC Toolbox | Becoming Friendly with Uncertainty (Episode 630)